from first can to full truck loads

Our integrated suite of services provide whatever support you need to grow your beverage business.

Shrink sleeved aluminum cans at the Vessel Packaging warehouse
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printed cans

As Vessel Packaging Co, we purchase printed cans on behalf of beverage companies across the nation, so are able to pass on the advantages of buying at scale that you wouldn’t find going direct.

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Vessel manages the entire process of shrink sleeving; from printer relationships, warehousing and application, to on-demand delivery - saving you time, money and headaches.

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pressure sensitive labelling

Our pre-fill labelling service is a convenient option for limited edition or experimental SKUs that would be a drain on resources for you to label in-house.

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Blank Cans

We provide businesses with a flexible solution when it comes to ordering blank cans; whether you need a small batch for an experimental brew, or a bulk order to supply all of Canada.

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design services

If you need a new label designed from scratch, or just want to ensure your vision is executed to the highest standards, Vessel's packaging design team has the in-depth, hands-on experience to help.

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Whether it's a one-off consultation to get you into your first cans, or an ongoing partnership to help maintain standards and improve efficiency, we have the resources and staff on hand to help take your business to the next level.