we’ve been around
the block


From humble beginnings with just a handful of hardworking friends and a single canning line, we’ve become a business that serves beverage companies across Canada.

The friends that started it all

We were founded by three friends that independently ran Vessel Packaging from the beginning. They have been hands on with every part of the business, from operating the canning lines, driving the trucks, to fixing up the machinery and pouring the coffees. As of 2022, we are now part of TricorBraun, a global leader in sourcing and designing rigid and flexible packaging for a variety of industries. As we continue to grow and expand our capabilities, the guys remain passionate about this business and staying humble to the shop floor. They recognize that’s what got us here in the first place.

The long road to the first line.

The conveyor was set in motion back in 2013 when the opportunity to provide the burgeoning BC craft brewery scene with a practical, affordable way to package their sought-after beers became apparent. 
Recognizing that a brewery's lack of space and upfront capital was an insurmountable barrier to traditional routes to canning beer, it was clear that mobile canning had big potential from day one. The founders drove all the way down to Colorado to pick up their first mobile canning line, driving it all the way back to their home on Vancouver Island, and straight to their first brewery job.

Aim as high as you can. 

Since that first job, we’ve never looked back, and we’ve grown more than they ever thought possible - as have many of our clients. The one thing we’ve learned in this time is that, in this business, the only limit is your ambition.

Big doesn’t have to mean ‘slow’.
Small doesn’t have to mean ‘amateur’.
Craft doesn’t have to mean ‘beer’.

We’re passionate about pushing our clients to think beyond their current boundaries, because it means that we do too. 

While we still have much to learn, we hope the road ahead is as wild a ride as it has been so far; and that we continue to help businesses across Canada, North America and the world to take their drinks businesses as far as they can. 

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