Brasserie Générale

Craft brewery, QC

Brasserie Générale were one of our very first customers in Quebec, at a time when craft beer was typically still delivered in bottles, and only the commercial beers came in cans.


A small step, then a giant leap, into cans

built to scale

As a brewery that only used bottles, they were intrigued by the potential that a canned product could have for them. Understandably though, they wanted to dip their toe in the brew before committing to new equipment, staff and everything that comes with a can-packaged product. 

As with many of our craft customers, our relationship started by providing a fully integrated canning solution on a small scale - everything from ordering cans, sleeving them, and bringing our mobile canning equipment to fill for them on-site.

quick to market

Our ability to scale the process down for them not only gave them their break into cans, but allowed them to accelerate this operation rapidly once their product took off, beating the competition to the punch.

growing together

What started as a small step into the unknown has now become a central pillar of their business, with the canned product so readily received in the market.

They’ve since solidified their process and brought the filling in-house, but continue to find new ways to push the envelope of what craft beer can be.

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