soma cider

Craft cidery, BC

As a craft cidery in the Okanagan, BC, Soma believes that making great cider is a craft worth preserving and love the challenge of making the purest, most natural and best tasting cider they can.

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Blending tradition with imagination

mixing it up

When Soma came to us, they were looking to move their product into a shrink sleeved 355ml can, a unique size for the craft cider market. 

Providing this service was no mean feat for a brand looking for big quantities, at a time when these cans were only typical in the craft beer sector. 

a helping hand

In addition to brokering the blank cans, we also provided assistance with the design, production and, of course, application of the sleeves to ensure they fully realized their creative vision for what craft cider in cans could be.

living history

As Soma continues to go from strength to strength, we are excited to be a part of building new history for the craft cider market and the Okanagan.

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